The work keeps changing because the needs keep changing--yours and mine. Sometimes womxn's work means doing workshops for teen girls, sometimes it means bail black mamas out of jail. What I'm up to at the moment: 


Advice– Need general advice, support, or encouragement? (not accepting new clients at this time)


Consulting—Need ideas, feedback, resources or social media support for your business?

Please email me to set up an appointment.


Activist Support—need emotional support or venting to sustain your spirit in the fight? 

Email me to discuss sliding scale support calls for activists.


Counseling— Need to do some deep digging around childhood, trauma, big transitions? 

Please contact trained counselor Khatija Dadabhoy for rates on packages. 

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GETTING FREE 2019-an all encomapssing one year program on the body and spirit, on love and liberation.

Let’s get free. Together.

(currently closed. Please get on wait list 2020 here)



Current Workshops:


Single Moms Club

Previous Workshops:

GET NAKED GET FREE—6 month course on body love

THEY GET BETTER WHEN YOU DO-6 month course on healthy relationships and self love

SHE GET FREE—full day workshop on body image, feminism, style and spirituality 

The Love Hangover

Our Mother Story

Women’s Health and Vaginal Wellness

Love in the Age of Social Media (teen girls)

Art as a Tool for Social Justice

Talking to Students About Race



Available for select key notes, panels, and podcasts.

Please email